Water150 Whitepaper

Executive Summary

1. Project background

Macro challenge #1 - Water scarcity is real

Macro challenge #2 - Centralization and speculation

2. The Water150 by Longhouse Foundation

Creating impact for people in need

WATER150 token functionality

Quality System for securing 1000 real-world spring water wells

3. DAO governance in Water150 by Longhouse Foundation

Water asset holder - Longhouse Foundation

Marketing & operations company - Longhouse Water150 AB

Token issuing company – Longhouse Water150 SA

A true DAO model structure

4. Business model – Secure, Engage, Unite

Secure - an ecosystem of 1000 regenerative spring water wells

Engage - through the WATER150 token

Unite - through impact

Creating impact through a shared value ecosystem

5. Market & distribution

Initial batch - Global proof of concept

Post Initial batch – Scale up

6. Financials

Engaging in Water150 by Longhouse Foundation

7. Roadmap

8. Risk analysis

9. Team

10. Legal information: legal consideration and disclaimers

11. Glossary

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