6. Financials

The W150 token is offered in a pre-sale, with the goal of an IDO following soon after the Pre-Sale is sold out. The funding from the pre-sale will dominantly go toward securing more water, to secure a successful IDO and to enable a stable vesting release after a 3 month cliff.

One WATER150 token equals 150 liters of water in total. Premium water such as Fiji water is around 4 USD/l. This implies the IDO price of W150 of 0.1 USD is extremely low, and it is estimated to increase. During pre-sale, additional wells are to be secured, which implies an additional risk to buying a pre-sale that will not be sellable until several months later.

The price of the W150 is driven by the demand of the water and its quality. The vesting scheme, in addition to the initial batch and allocation, makes sure the market isn’t overflowed with W150 tokens, and enables a stable price development. To create stability in the token price, the project is designed to ensure 1:1 water coverage of tokens in circulation. All tokens offered on decentralized exchanges will always have full water coverage.

To enable the project´s long-term vision and funding of all wells needed, it is designed to generate a large asset to the foundation despite the slow sale of its own WATER150 tokens. The yields from managing these assets will be used to secure water for people in need. By only using the yields, and not the capital itself, the project secures its purpose of ensuring water for seven generations, and to provide clean drinking water for people in need.

To spread the risk further and increase the impact of the project, two additional business models have been developed: water distribution and water circulation. From these businesses, the project will have a continuous additional income lasting long after all tokens are sold. These services will be developed and owned by Longhouse Water 150 AB. The foundation will benefit from them as shareholders of Longhouse Water 150 AB. As these businesses are developed to increase the demand of the WATER150 water, its price will be affected positively.

Engaging in Water150 by Longhouse Foundation

There are currently four methods of engaging and supporting the Water150 by Longhouse Foundation project:

  • Tokens

  • Donations

  • Equity

The Water150 utility token will be minted at the Token Generating Event close to the IDO. To pre-purchase the tokens there is a pre-sale of 204 million Water150 tokens according to a pre-sale schedule in the Tokenomics. The future tokens are sold in the form of a traditional Sales and Purchase agreement called SAFT (Simple Agreement of Future Tokens) where the buyer states their digital wallet for the tokens to be addressed. The price increases gradually until the IDO where the Water150 token is launched at 0.1$.

The SAFT agreement is issued from Longhouse Water150 SA in Luxembourg under the laws of crowdfunding and in the process the customer performs a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.


Even though the Longhouse Foundation is classified as a business entity, it is also allowed to receive donations to support its statutes. The profit of the Longhouse Foundation goes to secure water for people in need. Do you want to support this, but don't want to own water yourself, or engage in the business? Donating to the foundation is a safe way to make sure you have done your part for securing water for people in need.


The Swedish limited liability company, Longhouse Water150 AB, has made two share issues during the Pre-seed phase for early backers. When the project enters the Seed phase early 2023 there will be a last issuance for becoming a shareholder. – make more clear

For more info contact: info@water150.io

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