9. Team

The Water150 by Longhouse team is a dynamic team with international backgrounds and diverse career paths, water being one of them. Specialties in Leadership, Crypto Expertise, Legal Advisory, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, and Design are some of the competencies that drive this team towards building the business model for Water150 by Longhouse Foundation.

We are united in helping the planet and humanity secure water ecosystems and by that, unveil the true value of water. The team is working to create a new scalable system of water decentralization through the WATER150 token, with nature’s wisdom and modern technology as our shared inspiration.

Management team

Blockchain & Impact

Co creator & Advisors

Board of Directors

Longhouse Foundation:

Jörgen Ringman

Charlotte Ringman

Malin Åhman

Peder Dagsanth

Longhouse Water150 AB:

Jörgen Ringman

Charlotte Ringman

Peder Dagsanth

Mathias Bohman

Longhouse Water150 SA:

Reza Jaufeerally

Ian Choo

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