Executive Summary

The world as we know it is changing. Systems we have trusted such as politics and banking are facing major changes. Resources we believed were infinite, like fresh water and air, are becoming scarce.

Water is the foundation of life itself. 80% of global biodiversity can be found near natural springs, untouched by mankind. A human being needs about 1 000 liters (264 gallons) of water every year to sustain a healthy life. However, clean drinking water is scarce. The UN predicts that by 2030, 1.6 billion people will be lacking access to clean drinking water. The demand is predicted to exceed the supply by 40%.

Natural reproduction of clean drinking water is disrupted by pollution, climate change and overuse of groundwater resources. Knowledge about the cycle of water in local ecosystems is limited to a small group of experts and indigenous people, without the power to protect it. The ownership of water is moving towards centralization as big companies engage in water-related activities, often resulting in consequences such as drought. This has been affecting humanity globally on a systemic level for years.

Humanity is currently facing one of the most profound crises ever. Water must become a democratic and human right. It is the foundation of an abundant life on earth for the coming generations.

The aim of Water150 by Longhouse Foundation is to create the first decentralized and regenerative water flow on earth by

  • Securing 1 000 water wells across the world to offer naturally filtered spring water on a decentralized market

  • Creating a WATER150 token, representing a pre-purchase of one annual liter (33.8 fl oz) from the above water wells for at least 150 years

  • Funding an impact ecosystem by drilling water wells for communities in acute need of clean drinking water globally

  • Protecting the knowledge of natural ecosystems by sharing it in a community-based education system

The WATER150 token is a regenerative water token. It has the potential to define a standard for tokens for ‘proof of life,’ enabling and securing abundant life on earth for the next seven generations. Token by token, we decentralize the ownership of water, making water a human right.

We welcome people who share our vision of decentralized ownership of water to engage in securing water ecosystems for humanity, by connecting blockchain technology to real-world water wells.

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