2. The Water150 by Longhouse Foundation

“Our goal is to implement a profitable ReFi system providing 1,6 billion people with access to fresh drinking water by year 2040” - Jörgen Ringman, Founder

The purpose of Water150 by Longhouse Foundation is to democratize and decentralize control and access to water globally, by creating an ecosystem where well owners, water consumers, and investors collaborate to secure water access for at least 150 years. We aim to create the first decentralized and regenerative water flow on earth.

This is made possible by

  • Securing 1 000 water wells across the world to offer naturally filtered spring water on a decentralized market

  • Creating a WATER150 token, representing a pre-purchase of one annual liter from the above water wells for at least 150 years

  • Funding an impact ecosystem by drilling water wells for communities in acute need of clean drinking water globally

  • Protecting the knowledge of natural ecosystems by sharing it in a community-based education system

The regenerative flow of water is made available through a token-based system. The WATER150 token is a pre-purchase of one annual liter of spring water from the best wells on earth for at least 150 years. The token is called the W150, summarizing “W” for Water and “150” for 150 years, which symbolically points to the environmental philosophy of “seven generation thinking”.

Annually, each WATER150 token holder receives the DROP token, a voucher which can be redeemed to collect one liter of water within that same year. The WATER150 token serves as a proof of the pre-purchased water.

Creating impact for people in need

Our deeper goal is to democratize and decentralize control and access to water globally. By leveraging means for positive impact, we can change the current issue of water scarcity

  • By making premium spring water from 1,000 wells around the world accessible to the market, we can fulfill a portion of the growing demand for such water

  • By assuming responsibility for the preservation of 1,000 springs worldwide, we safeguard the natural water cycle and preserve the knowledge of the local ecosystem

  • A dedicated advisory board in the Longhouse Foundation protects wisdom and knowledge on natural cycles, ecosystems and cultures of the wells and its water

  • By creating the WATER150 token, we can fund an impact ecosystem for communities in acute need with a goal of providing water aid for at least 1.6 billion people by 2040

The long-term impact of the WATER150 token system decentralizes and democratizes control and access to water globally by drilling water wells in most acute areas worldwide to serve the 10.5 billion people in need of clean drinking water by 2100.

WATER150 token functionality

Each WATER150 token grants access to one liter of spring water per year for at least 150 years. As the water is pre-purchased for at least 150 years, this also makes the WATER150 token inflation proof.

A WATER150 token is proof of the pre-purchase of the best naturally filtered spring waters on earth. All water wells fulfill the Longhouse Water Quality Standard, reassuring that the water is clean, high-quality and sustainably managed. Every token in circulation will always be connected to at least one liter of water.

DROP token: the annual voucher for a water tapping functionality

The flow of water in the water wells regenerates continuously within the natural hydrological cycle. The amount of water available for tapping, without disrupting the local ecosystem, is regulated for each spring. The balance in the system is protected by the Longhouse Water Quality Standard and legal permissions for each unique well.

The WATER150 token holder has pre-purchased 150 liters of water, where one liter per year may be collected from any assigned well in the system.

Every January 1st, each WATER150 token holder receives the DROP token, a voucher which can be redeemed to collect one liter of water within that same year. The first release of the DROP token will be in 2025.

If the DROP token recipient/holder does not want to redeem the voucher themselves, they may sell the DROP token on a secondary market.

If the voucher is not redeemed by the end of the same year, it expires and is burned. The WATER150 token is unaffected and the holder will receive a new DROP token the following year.

The DROP token holder can collect the water in various ways during the same year as it was issued:

1) visit the water well to pick up the water

2) order bottling and distribution of the water for a cost price

For the more enthusiastic token holders, picking up the water at a sacred well can be done privately or during a festivity. Many water wells have long traditions of celebrating and drinking the water in the community. The waters carry different attributes connected to each unique well. The wells will be presented on the www.water150.io website.

Why own WATER150 tokens?

As a WATER150 token holder, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to the highest quality drinking water globally. With the possession of 1000 WATER150 tokens, you will have an ample supply of naturally purified spring water to survive for a lifetime.

  • Immunity from inflationary pressures and rising water prices as the water has been pre-purchased

  • Possession of the WATER150 token serves as proof of your pre-purchase, and you may choose to either collect your annual water allocation or sell the annual tapping right, represented by the DROP token

  • Receive the DROP token annually by just holding the WATER150 token. One DROP token represents one liter of spring water - One liter of spring water was priced at $1.5 in 2022

  • A sense of environmental responsibility to secure the biodiversity associated with the water wells, knowing that each of the 1000 wells symbolizes a protected natural ecosystem

  • Make a positive impact by providing clean drinking water to people in need

The regenerative utility perspective of the WATER150 token

The WATER150 token is defined as a regenerative utility token. Holding the WATER150 token means you have pre-purchased the utility of retrieving one liter of naturally filtered spring water per year for at least 150 years. The spring water flow is regenerated by natural circulation of water and secured by the Water150 ecosystem for quality control, management, and distribution service.

The definition of a “utility token” is a token providing access to goods or services from an organization. Usually, it is related to a digital good. WATER150 token is a utility related to a regenerative real-world flow of water.

A utility token differs from a “security token”, where a security token represents equity rights, usually dividends or other forms of profit sharing.

WATER150 token holders have pre-purchased the water from the flow in the springs, and do not have any ownership or equity right over the Longhouse ecosystem, or any of the entities in it. The utility of the WATER150 token is the annual distribution of the pre-purchased water.

Quality system for securing 1000 spring water wells

The spring water comes from 1000 selected spring water wells across the world. The water wells are legally certified for commercial use, carrying an extraction permit and qualified by Longhouse Water Quality Standard to be the best drinking water in the world provided without disrupting the natural circulation of water.

Deloitte is auditing the volume of water flow to ensure that the number of WATER150 tokens in circulation on the decentralized marketplace does not exceed the number of liters of water flow of the real world wells. This process ensures that one Water150 token always corresponds with at least one liter of water. If a water well over time cannot correspond to the legal, quantitative, or qualitative requirement, it will be taken out of service and replaced by a backup well. With this system, the W150 holder can always be sure that the distribution of water will be continuous and reliable.

The 1000 wells are geographically spread to minimize transportation. This also decreases the risk of losing a significant part of the water flow due to local regulatory changes or drought. The investments and the operating costs are covered in the 150-year forecast.

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